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Faerie Springs Farm is a family operation raising animals and produce in a sustainable and ethical program which honors the special function and lifestyle of each animal and plant. Alexandra, Suzanne and Kate provide a variety of produce and meats with the honorable humane treatment of our animals and provide tours and knowledge to people of all ages of where their food begins and how it ends up on their table.

Farming is hard work and messy but it can be rewarding in many ways which is fortunate because the pocket book is not always one of them. Come visit with us and see our beef calves, Nubian, Saanen, and Alpine goats, (we milk the dairy goats at 7:00 am and 7:00pm from January to October.), 

Registered Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, a variety of chickens, Narragansett and Royal Palm turkeys, various rabbits, Lincoln Longwool Sheep, and perhaps even kittens.

A farm is its own ecosystem, merging with the surrounding area. Depending upon the recent weather, we may have a sea of mud, a mountain of snow, or just plain dirt and dust but there is usually plenty of poo to go around from the barn yard to the compost pile.

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